I grew up in rural Maine where ingenuity and self-reliance are necessary for survival. I look forward to an honest day's work, and find pleasure in solving problems. My ingenuity and determination are born of my teenage years, when I worked for my father's plumbing business and for the local auto mechanic. After high school I went on to earn a technical theater degree from Franklin Pierce University, I spent three years working as a technician at the Penland School of Craft, and I spent five years working for Asheville metal sculptor Hoss Haley. You could say I've made a career of getting my hands dirty. In all of these differing experiences I have found the opportunity to investigate, diagnose, and solve various types of mechanical and electrical problem, and in the process I have become proficient in metal fabrication and design engineering. When Iā€™m not out working on-site, you will find me in my shop wearing new holes into my old Dickies while machining hardware or welding custom furniture. All the time using every square inch of my shop to make things, new and old, work as they were intended.